Indoor LED Solutions

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Our indoor LED screens offer vibrant colours, high resolution, and impeccable visual quality, making them ideal for a wide range of applications.


PEP carries a huge stock of high-quality LED and touchscreens, production equipment, structures and housing and comprehensive network solutions, ensuring that you have the exact solution for your specific needs.

customised solutions


We understand that each idea and vision is unique. That’s why our team works closely with you to provide customised solutions that align with your vision
and goal.

technical support


From concept and initial consultation, through to planning and onto final installation, our technical experts are there to ensure that your project is delivered flawlessly. We are committed to your success.

A solution to match every


We specialise in providing high-quality LED screens, hologram and touchscreen experiences, as well as more standard AV solutions for Exhibitions and Expos, creating captivating visual experiences that really help to lift your brand. Our indoor LED screens ranging from 1.5 – 3.9 pixel width are perfect for enhancing exhibits of every kind, from trade shows and conferences to art installations and product showcases.

Using only best-in-class technology we deliver vibrant colours, pin-sharp accuracy and immersive image quality. Our LED screens use the latest Pixera production technology allowing central control of all content on your exhibition stand. Your content can really come alive across your entire stand from one central control.

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Our indoor LED screens are designed to enhance the ambiance and captivate audiences at a wide range of events. With stunning image quality, vibrant colours and customisable configurations, our team will ensure that every moment of your event is brought to life with brilliance and impact.

Our experienced team works closely with planners and organisers to understand their specific needs and then deliver reliable, well-planned, tailored solutions that elevate the overall event experiences.

And it goes without saying that as an environmentally aware company, all our screens are ultra-energy efficient helping reduce the impact of your event on the environment.

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We’re about revolutionising the retail landscape and empowering businesses to create immersive visual displays that attract customers and boosts sales. Our indoor LED screens are the perfect solution for retail environments, enabling you to showcase your products, promotion and messaging in a dynamic and engaging way.

PEP provides tailored solutions that seamlessly integrate into your retail space. Elevate your retail experience and drive customer engagements with our cutting-edge technology.

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LED backdrops provide a whole new world of possibilities for live stage productions bringing a responsiveness that Production Directors previously only dreamt of. Audiences can be transported on a realistic journey through clever production techniques coupled with high-end technology delivering life-like crystal clear quality.

Likewise live music concerts and festivals are now often judged by its audience on the quality of the multi-media presentation. Concert goers now expect exciting and vibrant on-screen presentations as part of the festival/concert experience.

Our experienced technicians possess the product knowledge and understanding of your needs to ensure that your on stage presentation leaves your audience talking about the visual experience long after the event.

Our PEP-FLEX screens can also be modelled around tight convex and concave corners seamlessly to further enhance the experience.

LED solutions also help to reduce unnecessary post-production waste with nothing being disposed of or going to landfill, whilst also helping to reduce the need for storage of large and bulky backdrops.

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