Basingtoke Theatre

Gameshow Scouts approached PEP with an interesting challenge. To supply all of the LED and Audio equipment needed, along with full technical support, to produce a memorable on-stage event for the scouting movement. The event was being hosted at Basingstoke Theatre and is an annual signature event, as well as a highlight of the young peoples calendar.


The main objective was to create an LED backdrop and stage set that could be utilised for multiple scenes presented by the Gameshow Scouts. The backdrop had to remain for the duration of the performance so had to be controlled quickly and easily with smooth transitions between each scene.


Space on stage was at a premium. The biggest challenge presented was to install a full LED backwall that minimised the amount of structure needed to house the backdrop, which would in turn give the performers the maximum amount of space to perform in.


A well designed and fully planned solution that offered a comprehensive, high quality screen set allowing the client to perform the entire production with one set. This enabled quick set changes at the flick of a button with minimum interruptions to the audience experience whilst also offering the client the desired flexibility, maximising the space on stage through clever structure design. Space was also optimised backstage as there were no big, heavy sets to store in the wings or backstage which later translated into zero set waste and no set storage problems – the set was effectively packed back into flight cases and stored back at PEP HQ!