PEP work smart with latest 4K Processors

As well as more ultra-low power consumption LED screens, our most recent investment also includes the latest in 4K Processing technology using ground-breaking software. VMP is an application in the brand-new control system COEX series.

Featuring innovative interaction design and plenty of practical functions, such as device management, input settings, screen configuration, display correction, colour processing, screen settings, monitoring and maintenance, and preset management, it provides users with an efficient and easy operation and control experience.

This is an easy single device with grouped-device controls – devices can be grouped and batch operated as required, greatly improving work efficiency. Cabinets can be quickly connected, flexibly arranged and aligned making multiple screen configurations much easier to control. The screen topology is clear at a glance, the input source can be previewed in real time and various properties can be easily set.

The upad and MX40 together provide the ultimate user experience with

  • HDR quality
  • Ultra-low power consumption
  • Easily scaleable options
  • The latest technology offering enhanced on-screen results

At PEP we’re always on a mission to improve our technology so that our clients enjoy all the latest benefits that the industry has to offer. Some of it might not be immediately obvious, but it’s the kind of technology that ensures our customer’s projects go exactly to plan, producing the best possible results.