It’s due to get ICEy in Barcelona

PEP were proud to be collaborating with several partners at the ICE exhibition at London’s Excel this year, curating incredible LED display for the attendees. With 167 countries represented, a record 811 exhibitors and over 40,00 attendees, it was an incredible 3 days with the visual impact of LED becoming more important than ever.

The halls, which resembled a scene from Las Vegas, were bustling with excited professionals from the gaming and gambling industry eager to see the latest developments, much of it involving cutting edge technology to enhance user experiences.

Next year ICE moves from the UK to Europe and with PEP establishing an EU base, we’re ideally placed to help our UK and EU customers with the transition. We’d be delighted to talk to you about your plans for Barcelona next year ICE Barcelona 2025 (

As well as more ultra-low power consumption LED screens, our most recent investment also includes the latest in 4K Processing technology using ground-breaking software. VMP is an application in the brand-new control system COEX series.

Featuring innovative interaction design and plenty of practical functions, such as device management, input settings, screen configuration, display correction, colour processing, screen settings, monitoring and maintenance, and preset management, it provides users with an efficient and easy operation and control experience.

This is an easy single device with grouped-device controls – devices can be grouped and batch operated as required, greatly improving work efficiency. Cabinets can be quickly connected, flexibly arranged and aligned making multiple screen configurations much easier to control. The screen topology is clear at a glance, the input source can be previewed in real time and various properties can be easily set.

The upad and MX40 together provide the ultimate user experience with

  • HDR quality
  • Ultra-low power consumption
  • Easily scaleable options
  • The latest technology offering enhanced on-screen results

At PEP we’re always on a mission to improve our technology so that our clients enjoy all the latest benefits that the industry has to offer. Some of it might not be immediately obvious, but it’s the kind of technology that ensures our customer’s projects go exactly to plan, producing the best possible results.

Bethany joined PEP LED and their sister company IMS Group in September 2023, working on Marketing and social media for her University placement year.

Here at PEP we recognise the importance of offering students first hand experience in business, and Bethany has proved to be a brilliant asset to the team. We asked her for a summary of her placement so far, and this is what she had to say “I have gained so much invaluable experience working in such a fast paced and exciting industry and environment.

“A definite highlight was going to the ICE gaming Exhibition at the ExCel in London where I saw all the equipment come together to create incredible displays for clients. University can only teach you so much, and it’s so important to get hands on experience when you can. My role involves social media primarily and marketing activities, creating content and planning strategies for organic growth. It’s great to work in a team environment and everyone here is really supportive of each other”.

As the news is filled with the next piece of evidence of global warming and climate change, we’re committed to working with global partners to reduce the effects we and our equipment have on the environment so that our clients can be assured that they are working with an AV and events supplier that really cares about the environment.

As part of our green pledge we’ve developed our ‘Eco’ range of screens that use the latest in technology to reduce power consumption by up to 57% compared to standard equipment used as recently as two years ago.

We’ve also invested in the latest 4K Processing equipment to help reduce energy usage by working more cleverly and efficiently.

And working closely with theatres and film production companies, we’ve managed to introduce our high definition screens that now provide beautiful, life-like backdrops whilst helping to reduce the on-set and post-production waste associated with traditional sets and backdrops, meaning our landfill sites can breathe a sigh of relief.

We’ll continue to invest in, and develop technology that produces exceptional results whilst conserving power and reducing waste.

We’re now developing new strategies to further reduce our carbon footprint including reducing our transportation miles by opening sites in various locations to house our screens so that orders can be fulfilled within shorter distances. You’ll see more of this in future news releases.